What We Do

Flagship Controls provides a comprehensive range of services to meet the unique control panel needs of industrial and commercial clients. Our services include control panel design, fabrication, assembly, wiring, testing, inspection, repair, and maintenance. We also offer custom programming, remote monitoring, and support to ensure that each system operates at peak efficiency and safety, maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime.

Industrial Services

Optimize industrial operations with our custom control panel solutions.

Residential Services

Experience optimal home automation with our customized control panels.

Commercial Services

Boost your assets performance with our innovative control solutions

Innovative Customization

We specialize in designing and fabricating custom control panels that can integrate the most complex ideas.

Renewable Energy

Integrate renewable energy sources seamlessly with our innovative control panel solutions.

Backup Generators

Efficiently manage power requirements with our exceptional power management solutions.

Wiring Upgrades

Experience exceptional workmanship and quality with our reliable control panels.

LED Lighting

Create the perfect lighting experience with our innovative and customizable control solutions.

Insurance Inspections

We prioritize redundancy and resilience to ensure optimal performance and reliability for critical operations.